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    为了增加同学们对科技创业的认识,本周五14点在师昌绪楼403,研究生部邀请在我所访问的Amir Eliezer教授,作有关科技创业方面的报告。Amir Eliezer教授长期从事腐蚀研究,曾任世界腐蚀组织的主席,目前在以色列的大学负责创业中心,讲授创业中心的课程。相信他的报告会给有创业意愿或兴趣的同学带来有益的帮助。

报告题目: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program at SCE as A Key for Engineering Students Interdisciplinary Teaming, Thinking, Motivation and Success for their Future Life and Career

报告人:Prof. Amir Eliezer 

       Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel



报告内容: The lecture will focus on how we provide our materials engineering courses students the tools for both materials and entrepreneurship as well as innovative thinking skills.  The idea is to tutor, provide, educate, promote, encourage, motivate, and produce a world leader innovative interdisciplinary team worker engineer.  We also provide entrepreneurship courses with correlation to materials courses on a joint focus for innovation in the field of Design & Development for applied projects.

报告人简介:Prof. Amir Eliezer has studied B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. in Materials Engineering (Summa Cum Laude)  and an additional M.B.A.  He has received several awards and recognitions including the H. H. Uhlig 2013 award.  He is an academic staff Member of the Mechanical Engineering at SCE Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel.  He has published more than 200 scientific publications and received distinguished academic-industrial international research grants.  Currently he holds the positions of Dean, The Authority for Research & Development, Director, Corrosion Research Center, Nano-Bio & Advanced Materials, and Director, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center at SCE.  He is the former President of the WCO and the Chair of NACE International European Area.