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美国奥本大学(Auburn University)Dr. Lou课题组招聘信息

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美国奥本大学(Auburn UniversityDr. Lou课题组计划招收2名秋季入学的博士。Dr. Lou曾在美国GE全球研发中心、美国工程院院士Peter Andresen博士那里工作过,工作非常出色。招生方向及联系方式等相关信息如下:

Dr. Xiaoyuan Lou’s group at Auburn University (Auburn, AL, USA) has two immediate openings for PhD students in the area of metal additive manufacturing, starting from Fall 2018.  Dr. Lou recently joined Auburn from General Electric Global Research Center.  More information about his research can be found at

Current research interests of the group:

1) Environmental-cracking resistant alloys (AM and non-AM) for nuclear and oil & gas applications

2) High-throughput alloy discovery for laser powder bed metal additive manufacturing

3) Micromechanics of laser based additive-manufactured alloys

4) Biocompatibility of medical implant by additive manufacturing

5) Laser additive manufacturing for high entropy alloys



1. Self-motivated individual holding a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering or Mechanical Engineering with hands-on experience in the areas of metallurgy, metal additive manufacturing, mechanical properties, fracture and cracking, fatigue, corrosion.

2. Passed TOEFL and GRE exams

Interested students are encouraged to contact Dr. Xiaoyuan Lou by email at